Collapsing menu makes navigating between simulations quick and compact.
Graphs plot realtime quantities from the simulations like moles of compounds, masses, and system temperature.
Controls for the simulation microworld are all stacked next to the simulation window. You pause the simulation, slow the visualization as well as change system temperature among other features.
The main simulation window is designed for maximum screen coverage to give you a comprehensive view of the chemical system.

Chemistry in your browser

Our simulations are now available on the web! We have completely rebuilt the simulations from the ground up to use modern web technologies to deliver chemistry to your browser.

We also took this opportunity to reimagine the simulation interface to maximize students’ view into the submicroscopic world. Hover over the regions on the annotated image to learn more about the anatomy of the new interface!

Recommended specifications

The web simulations use sophisticated scientific models to calculate the force between particles in the simulation right in your browser. The more particles on screen, the more resources this requires to run smoothly. Each frame of animation performs up to 5,000 computations! To get the best performance, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with the following specifications.

Please note that we are currently only supporting laptops (or Chromebooks) running the Chrome web browser. While the web simulations will run on any hardware/software combination that can run a Webkit-based browser, we strongly recommend using only the latest version of Chrome on a laptop for the best user experience during the beta phase of development.


Chrome Web Browser


Laptop (or Chromebook)
Screen resolution of 1366 x 768 (or higher)

      Dual core processor

8GB of RAM

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