Unit 5 Sim Data
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Unit 5 Sim Data

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In Unit 5 Lesson 3, the associated Sims 2-3 don't consistently give data that shows the correct relationships between reaction rates and all the other variables. This is because of probability, and it's totally fine, but the workbook only has students taking data once and that one time could give them data that conflicts with the relationships they could discover in a lab. It can lead to some discussions about the limitations of models and whatnot if students are ready for that, but it still leaves the chemistry concepts in a difficult spot. I made this lesson where students have to do 10 trials because over 10 trials the average will work out to demonstrate the direct relationships students should see. There are a lot of questions that follow (related to other stuff we did) that are probably not helpful to everyone, but I thought taking the data 10 times was really helpful in making sure the students didn't walk around with misconceptions about how these factors affect reaction rates.