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Unit 5, Sim 3, Set 3 - 423K button not turning blue

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We were testing out different temperatures and found that 423 K doesn't stay blue when you click it. If you click 423 K and then "restart" the simulation, it doesn't seem like it keeps it at 423 K. The other temperatures stay there if you restart so that one seems to be different. I know this is a very specific glitch (and it's not hard at all to work around it by clicking on the 423 K button) but I wanted to let you know since it might also be something that's easy to fix.

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This is not an easy feature to change without significant surgery, unfortunately. The simulation is set to run each set as it's entry point so the simulation at the lowest temperature point is the entry point and refreshing the sim reloads that config file. Any "subsets" within that will load the config file of other system temps, but the reset button is yoked to the browser path and will reset to that entry point. Reloading a sim at a given temperature would have to be done by clicking on the temperature button again to re-trigger loading that temperature setting.

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