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Unit 1, Sim 3, Set 1 - stuck at 100 degrees with no phase change

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When students heated the solution to 100 degrees and then turned the cooler on, the temperature would not go down and was stuck at 100 degrees even after several minutes (I thought at first it was simply because a phase change was occurring but we couldn't get the temperature to go down at all). Anything under boiling and the sim works fine, but once you hit 100 degrees it locks at that temperature.  I turned the cooler on as soon as it hit 100 degrees and nothing happened after over a minute.

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Fixed! The accounting of energy transfer wasn't written to handle the case where a student would switch directions of heating/cooling during a phase change. I've fixed it so that this works now that you can change the direction of energy flow during a phase transition and get the expected behavior.

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